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The one thing that holds most people back with their website content marketing is how to generate high quality content that your website readers will love and then how to get the content written fast….the answer to this problem is a very simple 3 step interview process. It’s powerful and you’ll get quality content very quickly.

Now whenever you start creating content to get Organic Google rankings and targeted traffic to your website you must begin with market & keyword research so that’s where we begin by looking at the Google keyword tool to identify the search trends and the search phrases that have good search volumes but with low competition that match the products and services that you sell.

Step 1: Identify keywords with at least 170+ searches per month and with low competition.

(Side Note: If I get enough interest I’ll create a video showing how this research is done – Let me know in the comments below if you’re Interested 🙂

Once you’ve identified those search phrases, write them into questions so that they can be answered in the content creation interview process.

Step 2: Run the interview and record audio with mobile phone of any type of MP3 audio recorder

(Note: you’ll need MP3’s so you can email recordings to your transcriptionist to have content typed into documents)

In a typical session you’ll want to have 4 interview questions… the interview is based on the keyword research and you will interview the expert answering these questions.

As things come up throughout the interview, throw subsequent questions at the expert further encouraging them to elaborate and dive deeper into the particular topic.

Generally you’ll encourage the expert to talk for about 3 to 5 minutes on each of the 4 questions. This will generate 4 articles all approx 700-900 words long… so in a 1 hour session including some chit chat and planning in between you can easily come out with three to four thousand words of content to be transcribed and create quality articles from. (Tip – Google Loves longer articles – Over 500 words)

What’s so great about this process is that in say (1 hour) we instantly create 3000-4000 words of content that’s straight from the expert …its high quality using the exact terminology that the expert would use every day in their business.

Step 3: Have MP3 audio transcribed and edit into final article ready to publish online.

To do this you’ll outsource the transcription of this audio interview into text and hand back to the expert as a word document so that they can fine tune and edit the content to make it into a well written article.

John’s Experience – One client I’ve done this process with said that this content created from this strategy is the best content they have ever had and they will be using parts of these articles in other offline content including sales proposals!  (awesome)

Once the articles are approved and ready they are published on the blog or website with a high quality related stock image a powerful subject line and all of the keywords categories and tags making it a Google magnet – and soon after the traffic begins…

With publishing this new content on a weekly basis or at least 2 or 3 times a month becomes a very powerful way of letting Google know that you are an expert in your target market and they reward you with quality traffic via all these new fresh links and page one rankings for that quality information.

To increase the leads you’’ generate you’ll want to setup an “enquiry form” with a “call to action” on every single page that a new published article is on so that this becomes a lead magnet.

If you follow this process and do it every month you can expect the phone to ring the e-mail enquiries to flow and the sales can be made!

After this there many other things you can do the further leverage that content.

Example: you can have new articles voiced by a professional voice over talent and then we post the professional mp3 audio on the website as well. (Think Podcast Style)

To go even further you can process those mp3 audio into videos so from that original interview you’ll got:

  • Text Content
  • Audio Content
  • Video Content

By publishing all this great content out there it becomes a authority resource that really gives you the unfair advantage online and who doesn’t want to doesn’t want that?

There you go’ve now got the high level overview…
I hope you’ve enjoyed this…If you like this idea and want to know more about how I can do this for you… get in touch so we can chat with you about getting this going in your business.

If you’ve got questions or comments leave them below!

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