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CONTENT MARKETING Vs ADVERTISING (welcome guest or annoying pest)

Content marketing and advertising could not be further from one another, they are literally at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Advertising:  it’s like “talking the talk” – It’s going for instant gratification, going for the sale,  it’s all about now. When you think about advertising is generally about promotion and trying to convince you how good a product or service is, trying to get the sale, You’ll hear phrases like We are the Number 1, or The World’s Best Widget etc “

Advertising has also been called “push marketing”  or “interruption marketing”.


In other words, people are not going looking for your advertisement. They are just shoved in front of your face !

These advertisements are pushed into All types of content:  both online and offline,  in physical publications, websites, television, and radio, just to name a few.

This content is designed to disrupt you from what you’re already doing, with the hope they can distract you enough that you’ll take action on the offer in the advertisement. 

By its very nature advertising can be an “Unwelcome Pest” and something that can be annoying.


Content marketing:  it’s like “walking the walk” –  It’s about adding value,  building trust,  building a relationship.  when you think about content marketing you think about solving somebody’s problem,  you are answering a specific question. It’s like planting a seed that one day will yield a crop.

Content marketing is also being called “attraction marketing”  or “pull marketing”, And the reason for this is that people seek this type of content out,  it’s most common online when somebody in your target market has a problem.

They’ll begin searching online for a solution and it just so happens that you have some content that’s talking about that problem and helping them move towards the solution.

This often works by the searcher typing a keyword search into Google, YouTube, Facebook or any other of the millions of sites around the world.

If you have content published in that space or ranking in that search engines you have a very real possibility of being found, and when people find you they’re coming for you, seeking you out, because they are looking for what it is that you have published content about.

The nature of Content Marketing, it’s more like a “Welcome Guest”


Because you’re educating informing and empowering the reader to move in the direction they’re already wanting to go.

Taking this one step further is the concept of the micro niche,  this is where your content is an inch wide on a particular topic but goes a mile deep. In other words, it’s very focused and because of that, it creates great value.

It also positions the author as an expert and when this is done well your target market will start to engage through your content,  and will follow you with a much higher probability of doing business with you sometime in the future.

This is why content marketing  ultimately delivers value and a much greater return on your investment. But like anything worthwhile, it takes time, commitment and consistency.

So to recap you’ve got the choice between interrupting people or attracting people.


I’m sure you can see that one is going to reward you the most,  give you the highest return on your investment and the most success, both today and into the future, through pull marketing, by creating valuable content and publishing it for your target market to find.

You may have noticed a theme across all of my blogs and the underlying theme is producing assets, content assets.

Assets that over time can be monetized in so many ways, if you have the right focus and the discipline to follow and consistently publish, it could set you so far ahead of your competition that you would dominate Your Marketplace.

and that’s what my hope is for you and your business, that you get this message and follow through so that at the end of the tunnel you can turn back and know this was the most important thing that you could have done online with your business.
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