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Im very excited to announce that I have just Published my first Book titled: John Gregory’s Guide to Marketing Your Business Online in Sydney.

You can see it for sale here on Fishpond:

As you can probably tell from the cover this book will help you better understand and learn about getting real results with your online marketing giving you be best possible chance to be found by the very customers that want to buy your products and services.

Don’t worry this is not some 800 page textbook that you’ll never have time to read, in fact you could easily read this book in one sitting as it’s only 70 pages long.

Here is one of my first book reviews that I have recently received:
“In today’s world of over saturation, separating your business from the pack is an absolute must. Despite common misconceptions, marketing online is vital to the success of a brick-and-mortar business today, and can offer you an invaluable leg up on the competition. Enter Marketing Your Business Online in Sydney, a handbook for increasing your online presence.Immediately upon beginning John’s book, it’s clear that you’re dealing with a marketing natural – and that’s a good thing. Everything, chapter headings included, is snappy, slick, savvy and branded. Who else would you trust with your business’s marketing too? Though this book is targeted specifically at local business owners in Sydney, the tasks and strategies outlined herein would work for businesses in any geographical locale and also for businesses that don’t operate principally in person. It’s sound marketing advice that’s easy to follow, no matter what your situation.”

About the Author John Gregory

Website Development & Online Marketing Expert Helping You To Consistently Increase Leads And Convert More Sales

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