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Are you guilty of “One Shot” Advertising ?

In this blog I’ll be talking about the idea of setting up a predictable, reliable and affordable lead generation machine for your business, and How to tap up-to 70% of any given market.

But before we get to this, I want to give you an overview of how the advertising market works and what you can expect, when you’re just practicing “one shot advertising” and marketing.

Whenever you’re doing paid advertising and you’re focusing on getting the sale right from the start.

There is only ever a possible 3% of the people in that market that are ready to buy now!

So in other words if you’re going for the sale straight away in your advertising and marketing it’s only the people that are “hot and heavy” and ready to buy Right Now that would pay any attention to your advertisement.

The other 97% are not ready to buy right now won’t really pay attention to what you’re offering because they’re not ready to buy…. it’s not something that’s in their headspace right now.

The human mind is very powerful in filtering out the things that it’s not currently interested in.. to illustrate this point follow along with this idea of somebody who wants to buy a new car.

Maybe you’ve done this yourself.

When you decide what kind of car that you want to buy, and you start looking at those cars. You check them out online… maybe you visit the car sales yard and have a look at the exact car/model you want to buy… then all of a sudden, over the coming days and weeks you start to see those cars everywhere, on the street, as you drive around.

…and you’re like WOW I never knew there was so many people driving this car!

the reality was that those cars were there but your mind just hadn’t been a tuned to see them and now because you have decided that you want to buy that vehicle and you’re thinking about it and your mind is tuned into seeing that particular vehicle that you suddenly see them everywhere.

So taking this concept, the same applies for the people in the market looking to buy your products and services, and it’s only the ones that are actually it turned into purchase, that are going to really take notice of your “One Shot” advertising.

This is the most risky way to do business, because it just doesn’t make good business sense to be only tapping into the 3% who are ready to BUY today.

By focusing on lead generation and taking control of the message, you’re putting into the marketplace, you can start to attract up-to 70% of people in the market that will eventually be open to buying your product and service.

So the breakdown occurs like this:

  • 3% – ready to buy right now
  • 7% – of the market are open to buy if you can give a good case why.
  • 60% – control the message / nurture these people and you’ll get most of this business overtime.

Here’s a diagram that shows you the breakdown and the different layers of people’s buying cycle.


Customer Buying Cycle

As you can see the major group of people that may be open to buy in the future… fall into the 60% category and here is where you really need to focus on the message you’re offering to this group of people because that’s all you can control.

You’ve got no control over when people buy, but you can control the message and by taking control of that message by sending out newsletters, publishing blogs, email content, running webinars, producing educational videos and podcast etc you can start to stack the odds in favour of attracting up-to 70% of the market open to buy your product and service at some point in time.

This is absolute game-changing because no longer are you focused on the 3% who are ready to buy now… suddenly you’ve got up to 70% of the market who would be interested in the message that you’re offering.

So let me give you an example so you see how this works.

I’m going to use the real estate industry and specifically real estate agents who list and sell properties, so in this scenario rather than the real estate agent actually going for the listing (the sale), you will see the focus on lead generation and how that works.

This smart real estate agent would be offering a free report:
21 Insider secrets: to selling your property quicker and for more money.

Now think about that for a minute, how many more people would be interested in getting the 21 Insider secrets to selling your property quicker and for more money ?

I’d say at least 70% of the market and here’s where the magic happens rather than only tapping into 3% of the market who are ready to list a property right now, this smart real estate agent now has the ability of getting up to 70% of the market to respond to their message requesting their free report.

The agent will capture names and email address to their email marketing database and then overtime they can nurture that contacts through more information, blogs, email content, additional reports, webinars, and videos…

really the sky’s the limit because that Prospect basically put up their hand to say yes, that one point in the future… I will be selling my property and I want to know how to get my property sold fast for the most money!

so that smart real estate agent now understands that that person is a possible client down the track.

(Ker-Ching!!) That’s Gold right there folks, make sure you take note of that !

Finally you’ve got the bottom 30% and these are the people that are not interested and will never buy your product or service regardless of what you say or do… and that’s just life.

But how powerful is it for you to be able to tap into and capture up to 70% of any given market by flipping what you do first in the marketplace ?

  • Focus on lead generation the sales will come later
  • Focus on giving value and educating your target market
  • and the rest will take care of itself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog… if you like what you’ve been reading and you’d like to be notified of upcoming blogs just fill in your name and email address in the section below and you’ll be notified as soon as I publish a new blog, wishing you massive online success, bye for now.

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