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If you think that online marketing and business advertising has changed a lot in the last decade you’ve Seen Nothing Yet !

I remember as a teenager and a young adult how significant Yellow Pages advertising was to business, it was like if you wanted to win in business you HAD to advertise in the Yellow Pages

Today if you look at the Yellow Pages it’s absolutely collapsed and the book itself has become worthless to business owners, today’s reality is that advertising in this once mission critical platform is a sure fire way to lose money!

WHY ? …the buying cycle of the consumer has changed…

Follow me through on this process and you’ll understand why becoming a media company first is the only way forward in online business today..

It was only a number of years ago when if you were looking to buy a product or service you would open the Yellow Pages, you would find two or three of the most professional looking Ads and you pick up the phone and you’d call those business owners.

Once you got on the phone with the business owner you could tell them what you needed and what problem that you were trying to solve and the business owner would be able to ask you some targeted question’s identify exactly what you may be looking for and tailor their products and services to meet your needs right there over the phone, they even had the potential close the sale and do some business on the spot.

So in other words the business owner actually had an active part in the buying cycle of persuading the purchaser in their decision to buy the product or service and that was very powerful…

but that’s all gone now…you don’t have that SAME opportunity anymore…it’s Changed

Today buyers are doing their first level of research online searching for information, articles and blogs about what it is that they need to know and what problem they’re trying to solve.

If you are not a media company first then you don’t even exist online

When people are searching for solutions to problems or to identify how they can actually achieve a certain result, they’re searching online and it’s the information the blog’s, articles and videos that come up in the top of the search engines helping that buyer to make their initial research choices in order to make that buying decision.

If you don’t have content online that’s perfectly matching the most frequently asked questions and supporting information around what it is that you do you how can they find you ?

Once a potential buyer has found this information online, they scan through and read, as it starts to build that level of trust and credibility between them as a purchaser and the service/product provider.

This is the first level of the buying cycle.

This process enables the buyers to identify one or two different providers of what they’re looking to buy then they start to take it to the second level which is when they may pick up the phone or send you an online enquiry or just drop into a retail store.

So picture this… instead of them picking up the phone from an advertisement in the Yellow Pages where you have the ability to custom tailor your offering to their needs… now this process occurs online and that is completely based on the content that you have published.

So that means, if you have content then you’ll get found …. No content? .. your INVISIBLE!

and this is why becoming a media company first is critical to survive and thrive online, today and into the future

When you have content and you’re publishing content regularly online the Internet just starts to work for you.. there’s countless statistics that I could go into that’s proven time and time again that the companies that regularly blog and regularly publish content online get the Lion’s Share of the leads and the new business

and it’s hardly surprising when you’re thinking about this new buying cycle and how it’s changed how people are now doing that first level of research online based on the information they find online

so if you’re serious about turning your website into a profit centre and having it become the Number 1 pillar of marketing in your business you need to get serious about creating content

You must become a media company first …if you just focus on publishing weekly content consistently over 12 months you’ve got 52 articles of content online

And that’s when the MAGIC really starts to happen…

once you hit 100 published articles online … YOU’LL BE CRUSHING IT… You’ll have more business than you know what to do with !

so that’s 2 years of effort in order for you to DOMINATE  in you market online!!

If you’re serious about staying in business over the next 2 years – Get publishing today !

Many of you will probably be overwhelmed by the thought of having to create 100 articles, but reality is the people that do this are getting thousands and thousands of unique targeted visitors on their website every single week with ZERO advertising cost !

it’s not rocket science when you think about it …people are looking for answers to their questions… they are looking for a solution to their problems, are you going to provide it for them or are you going to let your competitors do it ?

Either way you have a choice to make you need to get serious about your content and you must become a media company first and those that do this will WIN in the ONLINE space forever.


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