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Everyone knows now that no one uses the Yellow Pages or local papers anymore to find local goods and services. Lets face it …who wants to hunt around for the local paper when they can pull out their iPhone or their Tablet and look on Google?

As a consequence, businesses are increasingly diverting their money away from traditional advertising methods, like adverts in the paper or the Yellow Pages and are pushing their budgets towards Internet marketing and advertising.

Years ago, the Internet was relatively underused and competing with other websites to get good ranking was often very easy. Today…life is changed and changed permanently. The Internet as we know it is not going away.

Sometimes, the competition for certain keywords is so competitive that the effort taken to optimise to get rankings is very time-consuming and expensive, and not guaranteed to even succeed.

Increasingly therefore, local businesses will begin to get their site optimised so that when you type in “Sydney Emergency Plumber”, for instance, not only do you get their plumbing service but multiple references to it. Not only for instance might you get their website, you will also see their local business listing and perhaps a YouTube video to go with it. Who you going to choose? The guy the bottom of the page or page 6, or the guy on the first page with his own video, local business listing, and one or two results in the top three? The answer is simple.

Increasingly, therefore, local businesses will be fighting it out to get optimal rankings for phrases like “Sydney Emergency Plumber” Just as it was seven or eight years ago when the competition was relatively light for keywords, however today we see how the competition has become become increasingly fierce for these local business terms.

As more local businesses understand the importance of local search engine optimisation, they will all begin to compete for these lucrative terms. The effect will be the same as with the main national and international search results. Huge monolithic websites like Wikipedia, Amazon, and eHow, as well as sites no one’s even thought of yet will start to dominate but also sites that have been carefully planned and optimised for years with a proper strategy will become almost unbeatable in their domination of the top rankings.

For that particular business, the rewards could be enormous. For those who have missed the boat or started late, it may be that the price of that late start is ultimately considerably less traffic and therefore less business then they might have had. Competition is still relatively light but for those companies that don’t start soon, they may yet miss the boat.

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