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Let’s face it… today it seems that every website developer is an online marketing guru! Every day you get new emails about SEO service providers from all across the globe promising to get your business to the No.1 on Goggle and deliver mother lode of new leads and sales for you business. If only it were so simple!

The fact it that as a business owner with a website, you probably couldn’t care less about Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social media Marketing, Blogging and a whole truckload of cutting edge online marketing strategies…..

Because at Real Results Media, we understand that all you really want is new business coming through the door. You want the phone to ring with people interested in your services and products .

So with that in mind we approach marketing for your clients from a Real Results based perspective. It’s actually what we love to do the most – Deliver Results that you can count on.

All to often we hear from disgruntled business owners that have hired some other SEO and online marketing company to help them generate more leads and they go on to say they have not had any results from this. When we look at the keywords they are ranking for usually we find that the keywords that were selected were keywords that had no or very little search volume at best.

Sure the old service provider could say that they achieved their targeted goal and delivered on their promise, but in the end the client didn’t benefit. We only ever go after keywords that do have search volume that is significant and that would deliver results once achieved. We also then optimise the website Call to Action and Landing page Impact so that when a new visitor arrives on the website they are motivated to take the desired action. This is what really delivers the results.

A combination of both traffic generation and then website conversion optimisation.
Everything we do is tracked and goal conversions are monitored so that we can see what’s working and what may need further refinements and improvement. In the end we never just guess or assume all out decisions are based on the data so they the client can see exactly what’s happening and the results are delivered.

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